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Interview with Roger Federer

After such a satisfying victory how does it all feel?
I mean it feels … obviously it feels really good. When it was all over I felt … it was the first time I really thought of how it felt winning because I didn’t think I was visualizing, imagining how it would feel to win my tenth here or another title here this week this year. I felt like those two matches against Tsonga and Bautista really maybe just focus on what’s ahead, that’s it. And all of a sudden I was at match point. I wasn’t even really nervous because I felt I had been playing good, I've been so balanced, you know, that I was just at a good place. Then, when it was all over I was just happy. It’s just a really good feeling to have and obviously now with a bit more reflection I think it’s a special moment in my career, you know, to win a title for the tenth time, especially one where I’ve been coming here for so long and have had so much success, the most success of any tournament actually that I’ve played. It feels great. So, I’m very very happy clearly.
The court to me looked better than it ever looked in a final. Did you have the feeling that that helped you in the first set?
I mean I thought the court played really good, too. I think they cleaned it up nicely. There was not that many bad bounces to be honest, especially off the baseline it was not too difficult to play from and that for the end of the event. I think maybe the good weather helped to keep it maybe a bit harder. I don't know what the reason is behind it. I’m sure the grounds people did a nice job also. I don't know if it helped me or not because maybe a worse court is maybe better too for me because I don’t mind the rhythm. Other guys seek rhythm a bit more than I do. But important for me was to serve well when I had to and stay with David as he was the better player for the first ten games. But I knew I could leave a mark by winning that tiebreaker, maybe take some momentum out of him and hopefully keep pushing and pressing and make a difference early on in the second which is exactly what happened. So, I’m happy I got out of there in that first set.
After this week how do you see the next three?
Well, first I want to enjoy this one. I want to take a couple of days off. I’ll speak to the team to hear if they want to have one day, two days or three days off, or another day off during the week. I’m not sure if it’s confirmed but I’ve heard rumours that I might be the number two seed at Wimbledon. If that is the case that would mean that I’ll play Tuesday first match. That would give me an extra day to rest from here to then. I mean obviously I’m aware that usually when it went well for me here in Halle I’ve also had very successful Wimbledons. I’m not sure if every time but this definitely sets it up nicely and next to winning I also feel good physically. So, that’s also a big week and it’s always important at my age I think to prove myself that I can last five matches in six days and tough ones along the way and actually feel the best on Sunday. So, from that standpoint I think it’s very positive.
Roger, congratulations. You anticipated my question because I wanted to ask about the number two seed at Wimbledon. Do you think that makes a difference, I guess you are happy about that?
I mean it might make no difference if Rafa is in my section (laughs). OK, I guess you could say I avoid Novak in the semis. But at the end of the day that is so far away. No, not really. What it helps me is to plan earlier, that’s it.
You posted on Instagram that you feel ten again. So, like your daughters. What do you think your daughters will tell you because they are ten, too?
I turned ten before them, they are turning ten in July (laughs). I feel young again. Anyway, on the flight and then at home latest tomorrow morning when I wake up I’ll feel old again. But for now I feel young.
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