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Interview with Roger Federer

Thanks again for the rollercoaster of emotions. Were you surprised of the level he played today?
No, not really. I mean he is a top player and he has beaten top guys before, played good at big events, gives the best players a hard time, beats them sometimes. So, you know, you’ve got to expect him to come out there and play a tough match. I remember watching here also maybe against Sascha and somebody else as well. I was very impressed. So, you know, how easy he’s able to stay in the rallies on the grass court and he has a very dangerous forehand as we saw with his sort of open continental grip. It allows him to really hit through the court and, you know, put you on the back foot, and if you’re not careful and you don’t have enough fire power he’ll dictate baseline rallies and he can do that, not a problem. So, I’m not surprised and I enjoyed the battle.
Have you watched Berrettini so far? What do you think about him?
Watched him, not really. Three games doesn’t count. But I’ve been following the results and to say the least I’m impressed. What else can you say? He’s made four, won in four finals since last year in Gstaad. Obviously, I knew he won there. then winning in Stuttgart not dropping a serve, then coming here and continuing the great run, you know, that's impressive. So, he’s somebody to watch out for here obviously but also then at Wimbledon.
I just wanted to ask a question about Naomi Osaka. She lost yesterday again…?
Again? So, like she’s not winning anything? Or?
No, but when you are that young you are under a lot of pressure. Do you remember that?
So, the question is that she lost again?
No, what you remember of being that young?
You cannot play well every week, you know, it’s that simple, or win every week, nobody does that basically. She’s got a head start with her back to back Grand Slam wins. Once she’s done it she knows she can do it again. It was the same for me. You know, after I won Wimbledon I also didn’t win right away everything after that. So, you’ve got to take the losses, just shake them off and don’t let the press bother you with silly questions and you just go on with it. What else can you do? Go back to the practice courts, try to work on your game, you know, having nothing to lose. Everybody now feels like it’s an amazing win to beat you but for you nothing changed other than that you have, you know, a couple of Grand Slams and you’re world number one. So, it’s obviously a massive change but at the end of the day you’re still the same person and you try your best every single day. We saw again today in this match, you know, things are so close sometimes. There is not even a need to explain why you lost, you know, it just happens sometimes.
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