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Interview with Roger Federer

When you were up a set and break was there some kind of momentum shift?
Well, I thought I took some wrong choices on the serve location. It was a tough couple of points to lose both points at deuce when I came back from 15-40. Already beforehand I thought in the game I was serving in the wrong locations and he made me pay for it. So, I think that was a bit of a loose game from my side but I thought really after that Jo was able to pick up his game and do better especially on the return. He got a great break, you know, to win the set as well. I thought it was tough but for me key was clearly to stay positive because I wasn't down in the score, it was just only even at one set all, and, you know, fought as much as I could and tried to stay with him because he really was able to pick up his game. I always knew it was going to be tight because he has got a great first serve. He's got all the chances to hit great forehands. He remains dangerous throughout and I knew obviously once I gave away that lead things will get very very tight and they did. It was a great match, great atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. I was really happy also for him with the ovation he got at the end, you know, it really felt like they wanted to see him again next year. So, I hope he comes back.
Just looking for RBA tomorrow, that’s a totally different match?
Yes, I mean, it maybe goes back to my first-round match against Millman, very similar in some ways, you know. Roberto wins his points differently than Jo does. Jo does it with the serve and forehand and the power and the variety and, you know, the explosivity, whereas Roberto does it through, you know, just doing the same thing in repetition and he's also got a great forehand like Jo has, in some ways they are similar there. Of course, the serve is very different and he sets up and plays the points different. So, from my side I might have more play from the baseline but then again we might be in more rallies on my serve, too. So, looking forward to it, you know, I have a good head-to-head against him and I’ve beaten him at Wimbledon once on the grass before. So, I hope that's going to give me some confidence.
First, thank you for the rollercoaster of emotions. What were your emotions during the match and what’s the thing you are with happy the most?
I think I played a really good first set tiebreaker, you know, I was down in the score quickly and then was able to stay calm, play well, hit two good volleys, served well, was able to stay aggressive and offensive and win the first set that way, you know. He had chances, I had set point. So, to win that first set was always going to be key and crucial to settle the nerves. Then I was very happy how I played the first game, you know, I was able to run around at break point, get the break, and then of course frustration came when I got broken back and then he was holding the nerve to be honest. And then in the third set it was more of a battle and just try to stay calm, not get too frustrated and all that stuff. I guess I had a bit of everything, happiness, sadness, frustration and then at the end I got very close and maybe also a tough lucky. You have to be. Because at 5 all in the third on grass, on a court like this, against Jo Willi you’re not really controlling things anymore. So, it was close but the crowd was fantastic. So, obviously it was a great emotion at the end which was nice.
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