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Interview with Alexander Zverev

How do you analyse today? Pretty well?
Yes, I mean, very well for the circumstances I think. Obviously, I got a little bit injured on Monday in the singles. So, I had to pull out of the doubles on Tuesday which was very unfortunate. We love to play here with my brother and we always do pretty well. You know, I didn’t play at all on Tuesday, yesterday like half an hour but also was in a lot of pain. Today, it felt okay on court but there are still some moves when I felt it. But I am definitely happy with how things went.
Is it any worrying looking forward or is it just a matter of time?
I hope not. I hope it’s just a matter of time. Obviously my knee is still very swollen but the pain is much much less than it was a few days ago. So, I hope you know when the swelling goes out it will be much better.
Considering the circumstances that was a very impressive performance today I think?
Yes, I also think that I played quite well, very aggressive, especially because Steve is … it’s his best surface. He has won two tournaments on grass. Therefore, I’m quite happy with how things went and that I’m still in the tournament tomorrow.
Your next opponent will be Richard Gasquet. You beat him twice? So what do you think is possible tomorrow?
I lost to him once at a Challenger. But this was when I was 17 years old. It’s been a while. He is a difficult opponent, always. A while ago he was Top Ten and he has had his problems, too. He is really playing very god tennis and has had two good matches here. Therefore, I am looking forward to the match. Let’s see how it will go.
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